bourbon/rye flights:

select any four ½ oz pours from your chosen tier, or any tier below it. (bourbon/rye flights only)

tier 1 – 35
1792 sweet wheat, angels envy rye, blood oath pact 3, blood oath pact 4, blood oath pact 5, high west yippee ki-yay rye, michters s/b lmtd release rye, orphan barrel rhetoric 22yr,  smooth ambler old scout 13yr

tier 2 – 29
four roses s/b barrel strength, 1792 full proof, e.h. taylor rye, i.w.harper 15yr, j. becher bib rye, old potrero rye, orphan barrel forged oak 15yr, rock hill farms, smooth ambler old scout 10yr

tier 3 – 24
freeland spirits, bulleit 12yr rye, e.h. taylor s/b, noahs mill, old forester 1920, stagg jr, elmer t lee, yellowstone 93,  four roses s/b,  w.l. weller antique,   trails end

tier 4 – 20
1792 s/b, angles envy, backbone, bib & tucker, blantons, bulleit cask strength, bulleit 12yr rye, e.h. taylor sm.batch, elijah craig 12yr bbl proof, jeffersons reserve, makers mark cask strength, mckenna s/b bib, old medley 12yr, russels reserve 10yr

tier 5 – 17
amador double barrel, bakers 7yr, basil hayden, berkshire, blade & bow, black saddle 12yr, bulleit 10yr, james e pepper 1776, johnny drum pvt stock, michters small batch, michters s/b rye, minor case rye, stein 5yr rye, tatoosh, templeton 6yr rye, w.l. weller special reserve, woodford reserve double oaked, woodford reserve rye

tier 6 – 14
1792 small batch, buck, bulleit, bulleit rye, buffalo trace, bull run straight, crater lake rye, duke, evan williams s/b, fighting cock, four roses yellow label, james oliver rye, larceny, old overholt rye, wathans, woodford reserve

s/b = single barrel bbl = barrel bib = bottled in bond



  why are single barrel bourbons so special?  the same recipe, aged in the same warehouse for the same amount of time, and they’ll all be very different from each other.  experience that with our eagle rare flight.  our last 5 barrel picks lined up side by side, each completely unique from any other barrel.

1/2oz pour of each:

barrel #1 – 1/15/15,   barrel #2 – 12/22/15,  barrel #3 12/16/16,  barrel #4 12/20/17,  barrel #5 02/07/20

Blantons flight – 20

1/2oz pour of each:

blantons barrel #1 – rick 2, barrel #109, dumped 11-13-17

blantons barrel #2 – rick 2, barrel #299, dumped 12-17-18

blantons barrel #3 – rick 2, barrel #218, dumped 12-18-19

pappy van winkle flight – 150

only place on the west coast offering a pappy flight – all year long
your chance to see what makes pappy great.
1/3oz pour of all 5 pappy’s.

rip van winkle 10yr – van winkle special reserve 12yr, lot B
pappy van winkle’s family reserve 15yr – pappy van winkle’s family reserve 20yr
pappy van winkle’s family reserve 23yr