The Westgate


“I might need a little help on a project..” is how it all began. It was after 2am on a February night 2016, when Dave Heinsch, the owner of The Fireside Grill in Beaverton, OR asked his best friend for a hand. “Absolutely.” She said, without even hearing what he had in mind, “I’m in”. And over the next hour he began to draw out the floor plan for what would become The Westgate Bourbon Bar and Taphouse. It’s a collaboration of three friends; Owner Dave Heinsch, his best friend and manager Amy Cherry, and his Chef, Jerrod Silcox. Together, the three spent months carving out their own little niche in the Portland suburb of Beaverton, OR.

It’s a passion project for Heinsch, an avid bourbon collector. “This idea was in my head way before The Fireside Grill was ever born. I started collecting bourbon before it was even an idea. It’s a passion project of mine. With 50 micro beers, ciders, and mead on tap (and not even a single domestic, mind you), over 760 different bottles of spirits, a completely made-from-scratch kitchen, and then throw in a retail to-go sales bottle shop with over 900 beers and 600 bottles of wine, you’re not far from something amazing.

“The bottom line is, we just wanted a cool place to work. A place we’d like to hang out in. And to us, The Westgate is just that”.

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